Transfer History


  • Check if port is open on settings page
  • Do not add port 80 to file URLs when using that port


  • Added portable version that saves settings to app folder
  • Added option to minimize to notification area (system tray)
  • Save shared files and URLs between sessions
  • Do not unnecessarily share the same file multiple times
  • Updated service used to check external IP to use multiple providers as fallbacks
  • Send TCP RST to connected clients when shutting down the app
  • Fixed issue when changing port while sharing files
  • Fixed “Transfer of <file> was interrupted.” message when a Chrome client resumes a broken download


  • Updated service used to check external IP to (thanks to Kai Skye)


  • Fixed update notification


  • Fixed crash when opening settings if automatic IP address detection failed
  • Improved update notification


  • Redesigned interface
  • Improved animations
  • Improved speed measurement
  • Shortened random string in URL to 8 characters
  • Added ability to change IP address and port without restarting
  • Added option for Windows Explorer integration
  • Added update notifications
  • Fixed quirky HTTP cache behavior for Internet Explorer clients


  • First release

Orzeszek Transfer